…Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response…

Now fancy words aside let’s get into a little thing called “ASMR”, and how this even ties in with gaming. Have you ever run through levels of certain games and started feeling yourself drift away, drift away into that pre-sleepy realm some of us find so hard to drift into. Chances are you experienced what a lot refer to(and for lack of a better word…I’ve looked trust me) as “tingles”, some trigger in the brain that relaxes us and in essence helps us transition into that pre-sleep state where it makes it easier for us to fall into that deep, deep sleep. Something a lot of people, myself included actually have a hard time with.

So this awesome thing called ASMR also connects strongly with games, because a lot of gaming studios do such an amazing job when it comes to the quality of sound and sound effects in games, that they have unknowingly unlocked a whole new world. Apart from being transported to a new world as it is just by playing the game, this world is more one where you are in a trance(the good non drug induced one), where you are under the spell of audio stimulation that gently transports you to the realm of dreams. I first discovered this gem while randomly flipping through and watching some YouTube stars who have dedicated their time to try and transport us to this trans like state, where they use different sorts of triggers and sounds in order to see what will unlock the dream realm for viewers. A lot of them are doing an amazing job and you are spoilt for choice, if you can think it odds are someone has done some video about it.

This got me thinking, how many have actually done this with gaming videos, and sadly there are some but it feels like it is still an untapped area, which is so strange as I feel there is so much potential there. One will find numerous videos of individuals “role playing” like the “gaming boyfriend” or “gaming girlfriend” and it will have the camera focused on them and showing them game, so you normally only get the sounds of the controllers or keyboards they use to game. Which in it’s own right is perfectly fine, I have no issue with that and actually sometimes do listen to those as they do work, but not a lot of content actually showing in game scenes. This is where i have started dabbling in creating some tester videos on YouTube to see if there are others who feel the same way. Slowly starting to build my library with various games I have actually experienced the “tingles”, just to share in one more aspect gaming has enhanced my life. This blog is just to explain how versatile games actually are, how they bring joy in so many ways, areas where one never even thought they would activate or trigger these kinds of feelings in a person, this is why I am so passionate about this industry in general. Yes there are a lot of negative aspects of the industry to, but those are in different areas and this is mainly a discussion about how it has provided so much in my life personally but also I’m sure many other peoples lives. So next time you have some difficulty sleeping give this a whirl, I have not been disappointed yet and think this is one area of the industry that definitely deserves to grow.

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