This will just be another general discussion on other platforms I have branched out into and what they are all about so just some extra DLC without having to pay for it.

Firstly I have a mixed YouTube channel on the go. As mentioned in the ASMR post I started making some content featuring static scenes in games, where you feel quite immersed in the scene and just get to enjoy the sheer beauty some games have, sprinkled with some awesome calming sounds to add to the mood even more. I am working on branching out and doing some videos where I explore the surroundings a bit more, but sadly have not found that sweet spot on how to make the experience relaxing and immersive (as the hard sound of footsteps with full combat gear overpowers everything), and need to play around with the audio settings in the program I use to try and muffle those sounds a bit.

Then the flip side of the content I am creating showcases a more action packed, chaotic version with explosions and death everywhere. You will see me (well the game version) along with a few closer friends stumbling through the games together, sometimes completely deviating from the path and fighting amongst each other as we test out new toys or features we discover as we play various games. Now these videos are mostly in our native tongue (Afrikaans) and I know it is not the most popular language in the world, but I have added subtitles to the videos so you can at least follow the conversation (when not to distracted by the chaos on screen). Along with that as I am improving my editing skills with each new video I try and add little quirky elements to just add to the unscripted chaos in each game, as it just adds that hint of extra spice to make it a tad more entertaining (I hope).

Sadly the combined gameplay videos take so much time to edit so the number of videos in that field are limited (for now) but I am slowly working on them after hours, adding subtitles and those extra little spicy bits to enhance your viewing experience, so if you see the ASMR portion dominating but enjoyed the action videos more I will add more down the line. Along with that I will also look at other areas that people might enjoy, maybe some “Let’s Play” videos where I try and narrate the game as I am playing, but I will leave that up to you guys if want content like that or not. Or if you have any other suggestions of content that you would like to see on there leave a comment and I will definitely look into it.

Some other areas apart from You Tube I am looking into but have not developed as much yet are Twitch and Facebook pages, but will leave links on those below. Twitch wont be as active at the moment as trying to find a sweet spot with the rest of the group on when we can play together, as we have a crazy 12-13 hour time zone difference between us, so not so easy to just all link up and game together, and with Facebook it is mainly also about promoting all the platforms I’m currently on, but will also try and add more interactive elements to it as I progress.

You Tube Channel –

Facebook Page(work in progress) –

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