In this short Blog entry I wanted to just give a bit of a breakdown on my writing and reviewing style. I know the game reviews up to now possibly felt a bit short of detail and content, and if you also feel like it lacked in content the please feel free to let me know by commenting on any of the Blog entries or even by private message. Now the general lack of details in blogs in the sense of what upgrades are possible in the game, or being able to pimp your weapons to the nth degree. This is mainly because I’m trying to limit the word count and not have you read a short novel and get bored less than halfway through, i usually have so much to say about every game that if had to add in depth explanations of the upgrading and modifications to a Blog I “think” they might not go down so well (again this is me assuming and if you feel they will add the missing touch, I will definitely look at incorporating it).

My style is more along the lines of a overall look at the general entertainment value a game provides in other respects, like storylines/content and character depth. This sometimes helps to make a decision on a game, for me personally the upgradability or customizability of my weapons etc, was never really a main factor that made me buy or put back a title. I wanted to know how a game would grab me in other ways, the ways that I generally write about and sadly bulk of the reviews I tended to read just focused on what you will be able to do with your equipment, as if that was the only drawing card an main feature of the game. Like always if those reviews are your thing then I have no problem with it, and on a side note if you would prefer some of that information in my reviews I will gladly oblige. Whatever makes the experience and read more pleasurable for everyone.

So to end off this short little entry. Input helps make better content, I would love to know anyone’s thoughts on what they have read up to now, where they felt the reviews fell flat, and what you rather would have liked more or less of in order to make your reading experience a more pleasurable one. Also on a side not and this is important, by no means am I or have I been trained as a professional writer. I’m just an average Joe who wanted to fill a little bit of a gap I felt there was, trying to add an extra voice to help on aspects in this awesome gaming industry we get to enjoy. So there may be a lot of grammatical errors and possible incorrect wording of sentences etc. So if you find that element frustrating I sincerely do apologize and can only hope it will get better as I continue on with this side hobby.

Finally just a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of my blogs, visited the other sites and platforms I produce content on. Your support means a lot, and thank you never gets extended enough to the main influencers of all these things, all of you special people out there who show us your support and gift us a bit of your precious time.

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