Another instalment on becoming either good cop or bad cop.

I really do love games that allow you to step into a role you dreamt of as a child. The beauty of this game is that you are spoilt for choice, with all 3 being at your disposal. You can either protect and serve as part of a dedicated police force, rescue granny Smith’s cat that always gets stuck in the tree, or just perform some defibrillation on a car crash victim as a paramedic. All this and a whole host of varied looks and vehicles at your disposal to see what role best suits you.

You can go at it solo, or join a multiplayer game hosted by individual players, who will all have different scenarios for their hosted server, where you get to engage in some awesome roleplay with other like minded people. I generally hop around between the 2 areas, but prefer the multiplayer parts of it more, as it’s nice to step into character and do the proper responses and use the actual codes emergency services personnel would use (after downloading the codes from the net I might add)

Gameplay, Story and Map

This game is also in early Alpha (like bulk of the titles are I seem to play), so it is a work in progress. To classify this game I would copy the creators and stick with “emergency service simulator”, noting that the developers are very active with this game so there are always updates of sorts when fire this game up, so you will always have some improved gameplay or even new content to try out. The game has no real story to it, nor does it have lengthy intro’s to tell you who you are or what your purpose is in the game. You are taken directly to a character customization screen after you have chosen your preferred method of play (online or solo). Where I can definitely say that the online portion of this game is where it really shines, you can do solo play but the world will feel very…very empty with you being the only officer or first responder to any and all scenes, apart from the pre-programmed ones where there are static officers just fixed in place and you have to defuse the situation at the end of the day. With the online part of it, the players get so into character that you really get that sense of involvement and playing a key role in whatever scenario they create. From roadblocks checking for drunk drivers or other offences, right up to surrounding a gas station where there is a robbery in progress, where you then communicate tactic with fellow players on how to approach the scene in question. Sometimes you even tag along with medics or firefighters and do some traffic control for them, as they battle fires or rescue said cat’s from trees.

The game allows you to play in any style you see fit, bearing in mind there is a sort of a scoring system where reckless behaviour gets penalized, and small tasks such as issuing parking violation tickets wins you points (if you issue the fine under the correct category of course). All this sounds pretty mundane and lame, but this is just to give you an example of how varied the tasks are in the game. From the smallest thing to large gunfights, they are all there. This is the case for all the roles you can undertake in the game, so no matter what shoes you step into, you will have lots to do and keep you entertained.

Moving on to the map. Now it’s pretty sizable, with lots of varied areas ranging from inner city, to very rural, where you will really feel that sense of urgency while rush to opposite sides of the map trying to respond to emergencies, this being even more the case when play online and a fellow officer is taking fire (yes I know I seem to favour the police more, just love the 5-O). The thing I also loved was how the roads transition the more rural you get, now everything is connected by one massive motorway, but once you branch off to the smaller less populated areas they will turn to dirt roads, making you wish you rather chose the 4 wheel drive SUV. The map was not to big, nor was it to small, they definitely struck a good balance with everything (noting that as they build on the game they will populate more areas), if you find the map in some areas feels a bit empty.

Luckily the inner city part will feel quite busy, depending on the pedestrian count the person chose when they hosted a server. But you are also more than welcome to host your own server and make your own roleplay rules for your server. You will definitely always have a few random people who joins in, and depending on what they feel like on the day, they will either get into the roleplay or try and find a more casual server. The choice is completely yours at the end of the day on what you want on your map and your server.

Conclusion I really enjoy this game, although not wasting entire days playing this game without stopping, it is really a fun time filler if you don’t want to do any serious story driven gaming. The community in this game is pretty awesome, as they all have that same love and passion for it. You will like with everything get the odd troll here and there who just try and get to players, but that is a very rare experience, and in all the time I have played I have had probably one or two interactions with these types of players, with them leaving not long after joined. The game is cheap enough not to break the bank, and was well worth the buy. It will provide quite a beautiful experience as the vehicles and surroundings are quite detailed, knowing it will only get better from here onward. So if you prefer a more 3rd person experience (I think also first person) not to sure as always sport the 3rd person view, then I suggest picking up this title.

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